Available Incentives

Motion Picture Industry Development Tax Credit
This is a fully transferable 30% tax credit on qualified motion picture expenditures with no project or program caps. Payroll expenditures for Louisiana residents qualify for an additional 5% tax credit (35% effective total credit rate). Production companies can also claim a direct refund for 85% of the face value of the tax credit from the Louisiana Department of Revenue. Read More

Digital Media Incentive
The Digital Media Incentive provides a tax credit of 25% of qualified production expenditures for state-certified digital interactive productions in Louisiana and 35% tax credit for payroll expenditures for Louisiana residents. There is no annual cap. It is available to businesses in the digital media industry that develop products including video games, simulation/training software and social media applications. Read More

Additional incentive options could apply to your project. Click here to set up a time to speak with one of our team members about financing your project while we in Cannes.